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Team building events are a fantastic way of increasing employee involvement and inspiring positive changes.

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At Sullivan Custom Planning, Inc., we offer a variety of practical and enlightening team building options to satisfy your company’s specific needs. Whether you are planning a conference, retreat or off-site meeting, if you are interested in incorporating entertaining employee workshops, our qualified staff has plenty of unique events that will motivate, energize and enlighten your participants. Team building events are an ideal way to address a number of corporate needs and foster company culture. We offer activities that address the following specific goals:
  • Adapting to change
  • Decision making or strategy
  • Communication
  • Cooperation or trust
  • Ice breakers or bonding
  • Negotiation or conflict resolution
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Problem solving

We are committed to providing only the finest events, and we go to great lengths to tailor each program to our specific customer. Sample team building events that we have offered in the past include:

Tinker Toy Towers

Who said Tinker Toys are just for kids… Let your imaginations help you create the tallest structure in the room and win! Each group will have to work together to build the tallest standing and most sturdy tower.

Game Show Mania
An interactive entertainer will bring you and your guests up as contestants where you will take part in your favorite game shows! Questions can come from our trivia library or we can create a show tailored to your event.
Urban Scaventure

“Urban Scaventure” is one of the most popular scavenger hunts. You will help create a customized list of 100+ items for participants to find and bring back or photograph, as well as exciting team challenges and clues to solve along the way. An interactive entertainer will bring you and your guests up as contestants where you will take part in your favorite game shows! Questions can come from our trivia library or we can create a show tailored to your event.

Record Breakers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to capture the energy, passion, and excitement of the Olympics in your work teams? Imagine a high-energy teambuilding event unlike anything you’ve ever seen before — 30 hilarious & competitive events, 30 records to break — all at the same time!!

Record Breakers
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to capture the energy, passion, and excitement of the Olympics in your work teams? Imagine a high-energy teambuilding event unlike anything you’ve ever seen before — 30 hilarious competitive events, 30 records to break — all at the same time!!
Playing the Blues

Learn to play the blues harmonica like the masters in just two hours! You will be the stars in the performance of an original blues song that you create.

Spy School

Participants will break codes, follow clues, retrieve sensitive information and push their mental acuity – and their doubts – to the limit. Teams elect members to undertake certain missions based on personal strengths and skills to achieve their objectives.

Under Sail With America's Cup

Sail your own race on Narragansett Bay with the help of our professional crew! Teams will practice trimming, gybing, and coming about as they sail along the water all the while learning to work as a team so that they can maneuver quickly to win.

Indiana Jones and the Golden Idol Scavenger Hunt

This fun team based activity will send the group scurrying for items and clues that will eventually lead them to determine the location of a stolen idol.

Artful Alliances

This art-based scavenger hunt has your group work together to protect a museum’s treasures from a thief. Your alliance will take photographs, collect objects, and complete projects to sculpt your own case against the artful Mr. Sayec.

Catapult to Success: A Game of Inches

Catapult your team to success with this design and build program where participants have to design and build a fully functional catapult and compete for challenges of distance and accuracy.

Trumped: You're Hired!

Your company will be put into teams and after naming themselves, they’ll be given outrageous tasks that push the limits of an apprentice’s resourcefulness and creativity. At evening’s end teams will be cut, until one hears those beautiful words: “YOU’RE HIRED!”

The Charity Bike Build

Armed with wrenches and enthusiasm, teams race to construct a children’s bicycle! When the final bell rings, your real customers come running out – underserved children from the community! Imagine the delighted surprise that fills the room when your group finds out these kids get to take the bicycles you just built home with them.

Bridge Over Chocolate Waters
Enter a world of pure imagination as you design, build, and pitch a scrumdiddlyumptious bridge made of chocolate that will transport the latest Wonka candy sensation!
Survey Says

You’ll have a great time finding out about your co-workers, company and company culture with Survey Says. Your high-energy show comes complete with a dynamic Master of Ceremonies, sound effects, music and animated lock-out boxes – just like the real show.

Habitat for Humanity

This full-weekend activity gives your group the opportunity to build a home from the ground up for a family in need. Combine your skills and work together for a charitable purpose in this fulfilling adventure.

Wheel or No Wheel

Imagine a game that combines the intelligence of “Jeopardy” with the chance of “Wheel of Fortune”, with the risk of “Deal or No Deal”. Now add beautiful models and a hilarious game show host and you have the excitement, fun, and comedy of Wheel or No Wheel!

The Incredible Race

Complete with Detours, Road blocks, a Pit Stop and Yield, this event has all the excitement of the TV show without the international travel or variety of cultures or exotic scenery or… okay, okay! It’s not quite as exciting as flying all over the globe and winning a million dollars, but our Incredible Race is still lots of fun.

The Odds Hunt

We had originally created this one for one of our Las Vegas clients and now we are pleased to offer it everywhere. Playing the Odds has many of the same ingredients as our other hunts but it also has the added excitement of Chance!

Corporate American Idol

Your group will work in teams to write new lyrics to a well known melody. They are randomly assigned the subject matter of their song and the melody. Some pairings may go well together, and some may not. It’s up to you to find out!

Clue Search: The Tradeshow Mystery Game

To encourage tradeshow attendees to visit all booths, have them partake in this mystery game where they collect clues to solve the crime. Throughout the search, costumed characters will help your attendees by providing top secret information!

Corporate America's Got Talent

We are searching for the hottest variety and novelty acts in your company. We provide the live band, the sound equipment, the Emcee, and a panel of comedian judges. You provide the performers… any one from your office with an act, skill, or talent.

Wok-A-Thon: Team Cooking

This team is an exciting team event in which your group competes against one another to create the most delicious recipe. It is also a social event in which your entire group gets to break bread together and enjoy the fruits of their labor with a delicious shared meal.

Winery Team Challenge
The Winery Team Challenge begins with a fun, informative Wine Tasting and ends with a highly entertaining and competitive Sangria Making & Marketing Challenge. Our sommelier starts the program with a brief history of wine, followed by a tasting that incorporates aroma sticks to help identify key ingredients in each wine.
Ice Cream Making Challenge
Turning raw ingredients into sweet and delectable ice cream requires expertise, precision, and creativity. It’s a fascinating process that will require all of your team and leadership skills to be put into action.
Team Chocolatier - Chocolate Making

Challenge your team to become chocolatiers for the day! Our hands-on chocolate workshops provide a marvelous way to spend a few hours working and playing as a team.

Reality TV

We are giving you an opportunity to take that leap of faith from television observer to reality participant in our game Reality TV. And just like the producers of reality television, we have no idea what’s going to happen; that’s up to you!

Reality TV Improvising to Success

In Improvising to Success, the fun happens as you laugh your way through games and exercises drawn from the world of improvisation comedy. The challenges come from our facilitator, who will test you on a variety of skills that are as useful in the boardroom as on the comedy stage.

Play Day
Everyone wins in this non-competitive event full of fun and games. Participants rotate tables after each game so they are sitting with a different group of people every few minutes. A different, fun challenge is assigned after each rotation.
Top Secret Password

This icebreaker works well during a reception at a cocktail hour before a meal. It is also a great way to kick off one of our espionage themed team building programs such as Spy School, Spy Ring, or Spy Camp.

Bounty Hunter

This competitive icebreaker is designed for groups who want everyone up, mingling and having an exciting time meeting one another.

The Games Afoot

Your group works in teams of detectives to find the suspects, question them, collect clues, and solve the mystery! Will your Private Eyes be up to the challenge?

Corporate Killer

This is a customized mystery all about you and your organization! Simply complete a three page questionnaire giving us the inside skinny on your people and the company, department, or organization you belong to.

Day at The Museum
Combining fun, adventure, culture, and Team Building, here’s a wonderful indoor program that works exceptionally well on many levels. Your customized Museum Scavenger Hunt will prove both highly interactive and highly entertaining.
Cell Phone Scaventure
The Cell Phone Scaventure is a high-tech twist on conventional paper-based scavenger hunts that uses cell phones to introduce totally new levels of interactive game play! Teams will register their cell phones at the start of the game and receive clues via text message.
Climbing the Corporate Ladder
This multiple choice game show combines Green and Corporate Business questions with reliable geography, history, television, movies, literature, and sports added for good measure and a fun time.
The Corporate Imposter
Here’s a great way to add levity to your next event while underscoring information that’s important to you. We provide a top corporate impostor – these really are amazingly talented people – who works closely with you to create an impostor character.
Let’s get your guests placing their maximum bets! Theme your event by putting your guests against the dealers in a Las Vegas surrounding.
This professional mentalist has worked for President Bush, President Carter, Donald Trump, Bob Kraft & The New England Patriots, Fortune 1000 organizations, associations, and celebrity audiences worldwide. He is an internationally acclaimed intuitionist with over 25 years experience and over 10,000 performances.
Hypnotist and Comedian
This amazing combination of comedy, hypnosis and audience participation have been greatly received at venues such as Foxwoods Resort & Casino, Mohegan Sun Casino, University of Connecticut and MIT, as well as at many corporate events. This experience offers an entertaining and dynamic stage presence that consistently wows audiences.
This ventriloquist / comedienne has a trunk full of zany characters that have accompanied her to stages throughout the country. Named the 2006 Funniest Female Performer of the Year, by Campus Activities Magazine, as the result of votes by thousands of college students nationwide!
Sword Swallower

One of only 50 living sword swallowers in the entire world, he been described as strangely sophisticated, successfully blending suggestion and psychology with his own personal mind-over-body techniques to present a show that bravely pushes the limits of the possible – both physically and mentally.

Other Team Building Activities:
  • Ice Sculpting
  • Tabletop Nascar
  • Product Pipeline
  • Wacky Olympics
  • Corporate Survivors
  • Toys for Tykes
  • Chili Cook Off
  • Chowder Cook Off
  • Effective Communication
  • In-It-To-Win-It!
  • The Great Appetizer Challenge

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